Library Renovation: Update

The Long Lake Board of Trustees and the Library Manager would like to thank MidState Industries for the exterior renovation work on the building which the Library is housed. The exterior siding with select windows and doors were removed to improve the energy efficiency and meet (or exceed) federal energy star guidelines.

At this time, 90% of the work has been completed. Much of their equipment have been removed and the crew have temporarily left to begin work on another job. MidStates is waiting for the arrival of additional supplies to complete the work, on the Library, that will include the replacement of the exterior side door, accessed by way of patrons from the designated Library parking spaces, and exterior siding around that door. The construction is expected to continue and be completed in the fall 2021. The reason to the delay in the completion of the last remaining exterior wall and exterior door is to deter any inconvenience to our patrons. This door is heavily accessed by our patrons during the summer months and is the only current door that adheres to ADA compliance.

We thank you for your patience during the renovation process.